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Plant a remembrance tree in  someone's  name            

A remembrance tree is an endearing reminder of a (person) or a (pet) who passed away, an event that took place, or a special time in a person's life. Planting a tree on your property can give you a special place to visit and remember a lost loved one. Give the gift of a remembrance tree any time of the year.

*Remembrance trees can also be planted in honor of the deceased loved one on a birthday.

By planting a remembrance tree, you not only honor the life and legacy of your loved one- you also help to preserve nature and our environment.

Certificates available customized with your message that can be printed for your records or given to the family. You will also receive an online listing in our Remembrance Tree Registry, showing that a tree was planted in honor of your loved one.  *CALL FOR AN ESTIMATE*

What is a remembrance tree?
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